Following Jesus isn’t meant to be done in isolation. You are not alone. God created us to be in relationship – with Him and with each other. Through our relationships we learn about God, life, and ourselves. We can wrestle together with the truth of God’s Word, apply it to our lives, and hold each other accountable. Relationships like this help us grow. You need a place to know others and be known by others. As a church, we have a place where people can develop these strong personal relationships in a Christ-centered context. They're called Discipleship Groups. We don’t simply suggest discipleship groups; we are built on discipleship groups. They are critical to our mission.

What can I expect from a Discipleship Group?
A discipleship group is a community of 10-12 people who are becoming fully formed disciples. In many ways, they're like a team of people lovingly, patiently, and urgently pushing one another toward Jesus Christ through the 4WLIFE. These groups meet weekly in homes throughout our community. They begin with a conversational Bible study focusing on the application of God's Word before moving into a time of vulnerable accountability and prayer.

Sermon Application Guide

4W Life Discipleship Tool

What types of Discipleship Group can I join?
We have many discipleship groups throughout the southern Indianapolis area. Some are just men together. Some are just women together. Some are couples together. No matter what group you join, you'll find that they are united in their purpose and philosophy: making disciples who Worship Christ, Walk with Christ, Work for Christ, and Witness for Christ.

How Do I Join a Discipleship Group?
Click the button below to fill out an interest form, and a team member will reach out and help you get connected to a group! 

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Where can I learn more about how Discipleship Groups work at Redeemer?

In the book of Galatians, Paul expresses a desire to see disciples made: " little children, for whom I am again in the anguish of childbirth until Christ is formed in you!" (Galatians 4:19). Christ formed in them. It's a powerful statement and it helps to inform the foundation of our discipleship philosophy. You can learn more about the Formational Community Group Study and the Formational Leadership Discipleship Training here.