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April 11, 2021

All Consuming Love

We know we are to love God. And we know that we are to love him with a wholehearted love. We strive toward this as we grow in our walk with Jesus day by day, that we would love God more today than we did yesterday. That our love for him is deepened more next week than it was this week.

To be a disciple of Jesus is to be falling more and more into a wholehearted love of God.

Here at Redeemer, our whole mission is to glorify God by making disciples. We say that disciples of Jesus worship Christ, walk with Christ, work for Christ, and witness for Christ. These 4 W's are more than core values for our church or catchy slogans to paint on walls. These 4 W's define what a life of wholehearted love and devotion for God looks like. So this Sunday we begin our series called "The 4W Life" to seek to become the wholehearted, all-in, fully devoted lovers of God and people that Jesus calls us to be.


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