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May 24, 2020

How to Live As A Believer

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt abnormal - like you’re the odd one out? Maybe it’s when you were in-line at a coffee shop and didn’t understand the specifics of each drink. Maybe it was when you were traveling and it seemed like everyone else understood the language and customs. Or perhaps it was when you saw many people making poor choices and you decided to stand up for what was right. 

Last week, Pastor Brock showed us from 1 Peter “who we are + what we do” as believers. This week, Peter is going to take that same idea of “who we are” and apply it to living in a world that doesn’t yet believe. As believers, we’re going to be the odd ones out. When you come to Christ, you become part of His family, a citizen of heaven - and citizens of heaven have very different priorities.

So how should we live as believers in an unbelieving world? How should we interact with people, with our government, and with our employers? Find out this week as we continue our series in 1 Peter, Grace + Peace.


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