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December 26, 2021

Relentless Faith

For the past month or more, you’ve been inundated with Christmas movies, Christmas music, Christmas parties, gifts, and the celebration of the Advent of Jesus Christ. And what a tremendous celebration it is! But once the calendar flips from December 25thto December 26th, routine sets back in. The gifts are all open. The wrapping paper has been stuffed into trash bags. Things get back to “normal” and you start thinking about Monday or next week.

We’ve rightly spent most of December focused on the birth of Jesus Christ, but what comes next? In this sermon, we’ll go from the first weeks of Jesus' birth to the first weeks of Jesus’ ministry. What happens when Jesus makes an impact, not just on Christmas morning, but every morning? We’ll look at the faith of 5 unnamed men who met Jesus and walked away changed forever.


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