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November 7, 2021

The Healthy Home

As we continue in our verse-by-verse series through Ephesians, we’ve entered a section dealing with relationships dynamics in the home. And this week, the parent/child relationship is up!

Let’s be honest – parenting is hard! Sleepless nights caring for the physical needs of infant babies turn into sleepless nights waiting up for teenagers to come home by curfew. So much of parenting is difficultbut it is so, so good. Every second you invest and every effort you make is worthy of the time and energy.

In talking with parents, most feel like they’re doing a bad job. It’s like baking a cake that you have to wait 25 years to see if you put in the right ingredients and the cake keeps deciding stuff for itself. If you open the oven and look today, of course, it’s still gooey in the middle! It’s not fully baked yet.

So let’s start with this question: how do you honestly evaluate your parenting? What is it that makes you feel like you’re doing a good job? Or a bad job? More importantly, what do you really want for your children? And what environment is going to cultivate it?

What makes the home spiritually healthy?


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