1. Formational Theology

We are all theologians. We carry with us thoughts and opinions about God. We hold dearly convictions about spiritual things. But have we evaluated those positions? Can we articulate them and support them? Do you really know what you believe? This 7-week class is designed to help you understand the core doctrines of the Christian faith from a biblical and practical perspective through up-front teaching, classroom discussion, and weekly homework. [Launching January 2022]

2. Formational Community

We need each other. Growing in Christ is a team sport. Designed to take the members of your group from “I think I want to be in a group.” to “I’m committed to this group and everything it’s trying to accomplish.”, Formational Community is the starting place for each group. This 8-week study incorporates the vision for groups, the biblical “one anothers” and the 4WLIFE into one streamlined study. [Available now - request copies by contacting the church office]

3. Formational Leadership

Healthy leaders lead healthy groups. Growing disciples make growing disciples. But how? Formational Leadership sets the foundation for disciple-making in the church. This 4-session training equips discipleship group leaders to understand the vision, be a growing disciple-making leader, lead the discipleship group environment, and develop the next generation of leaders.
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4. Formational Development

Leaders need to be cared for and cultivated. Leaders need community. And leaders need to be developing each other. This training will equip our strongest and most faithful leaders to equip and develop other leaders through cohorts and community. [Launching Spring 2022]